"Speaking is part of a whole: an expression of inner life" C.Berry

Learn how to develop and use your voice and breathing system effectively. 

Awareness of the body, its breath and energy centres and its connection to your characters emotions. The eradicating of unwanted tension blockages in the body to allow the flow of energy, and sound. Whilst improving diction, clarity, grounding, projection, resonance and accent work. Exercises are inspired by practitioners such as Barbara Houseman, Cicely Berry, Kristin Linklater, and Michael McMillan and Estill.

We may look at any or all of the following:

Breath Pressure

Awareness of your instrument


Challenging areas not used often for your voice

Phonation levels


Articulator work and diction

Resonance shapes

Nasality + Nasal resonance



Text and Character work

Accents and Dialects

Public Speaking Jobs - Building confidence when speaking in front of others, understanding how our every day set up can inhibit efficient voice production of sound, we work on building strength and resonance in your natural speaking voice. 

If you are in a different time zone, don't be put off, drop me a message and we can sort out a good time for you.


Scholes, Holmfirth, UK

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