"Speaking is part of a whole: an expression of inner life"

Cicely Berry

Learn how to develop and strengthen your spoken voice, and how to use it effectively in your professional setting. I approach this work in two ways, for Professional Voice Users and then for Actors/Performers. Please see the individual breakdowns below: 

For Professional Voice Users: 

If you use your voice on a daily basis as part of your job, you are classed as a Professional Voice User: Teachers, Managers, Sales, Customer Service etc...

You may be finding that some of the following maybe occurring, problems with volume, tone, breathiness, hoarseness, difference in quality, frequent loss of voice, mono-tonal qualities, straining when speaking, nervousness effecting vocal production, lack of confidence when presenting or in interviews.

Voice work can help you to re-balance and build back confidence in your voice and yourself when speaking in front of others. Understanding how your voice works, as well as how other everyday factors and stress can have an effect on, or inhibit confident voice production. We will work on building strength, flexibility and resonance in your speaking voice and look into your Vocal Health. Whilst compiling a series of exercises for you to do at home or at work before you use your voice. It is a muscular set up after all, so if you are vocally ‘working out’ everyday without understanding good form and technique, you can cause some damage. So warming up, exercises and warm downs are just as important for your voice!

For Actors and Performers: 

Voice work is a daily practice at Drama School and is of utmost importance if you want to become a well rounded and connected Actor. 

Voice work helps you to develop a keen and necessary awareness of your body, your breathing, energy centres and emotions, how it is all connected and influences vocal production and the connection to your characters intentions. 

My exercises are inspired by practitioners such as Barbara Houseman, Cicely Berry, Kristin Linklater, Michael McMillan and Gillyanne Keyes.

We will build awareness of the body, breath, energy centres and its connection to your emotions. We will look to eradicate unwanted tension blockages in the body to allow the flow of energy, and sound. Improve diction, clarity, grounding, projection, resonance, accent work and confidence in your voice. 

We may look at any or all of the following: Vocal Health and Habits, Breath Work, Clear Phonation, Grounding, Resonance, Projection, Building Strength, Warmups and Exercises, Resonance, Articulation and Diction, Accents and Dialects, etc..

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

** If you are worried about your vocal health, ie you have pain, inflammation, a feeling of a constant lump in your throat when you swallow, extreme breathiness etc. I would advise seeing your GP and being referred to a Vocal Clinician such as a Speech and Language Therapist/ENT who specialise in the voice. 


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