"Listening is not merely hearing. Listening is reacting. Listening is being affected by what you hear. Listening is active."

-- Michael Shurtleff

Working from the text, we start at what 'the point' is to your scene, Character or monologue, why is it in the play? What is its purpose, what does it tell us the audience,  what does it do for your journey and how can you the actor being to give us that gift of Truth?  

I use a range of practitioners to influence how I work, so that you can find techniques and practitioners that work for YOU the Actor. 

Exercises come from, Stanislavskian work, Michael Chekhov, Meisner, The Practical Aesthetics methodology and other practitioners who have links to Voice, Movement and Meditative practices. 

Using this range of exercises to answer the most important question of WHAT DO YOU WANT AND WHY? AND HOW ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE IT? 

Why do human beings make our decisions, what influences and drives us? What lengths and obstacles would we dare overcome to achieve them? And the most difficult part of all how do you the Actor ALLOW the process to happen. Its cool this Acting thing!! Come and try it for yourself.

I also accept a shared session of 30mins each based on 2 people sharing, although we won't be able to get into as much detail.


Scholes, Holmfirth, UK

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