Dexter Vocals is a private vocal coaching practice created to serve the North of England with top quality professional voice training. We aim to nurture clients that develop healthy, efficient and versatile voices, who are also able to fully express their personality and creativity in their performances. 


Every person who walks through our door, whether they come for voice, singing or performance coaching, bring with them their own unique talents and abilities. A big part of our job is helping them realise those strengths whilst also nurturing other areas. Of course technique is important. It really is. 

Technique (the science) is the reason why we also keep developing our own professional training and knowledge, even after 10 years performance experience.

Continuing our CPD ensures that we are passing on the most current and clinically accurate techniques for healthy voice use. This is incredibly important as voice/singing research is still relatively new and research currently being done is changing the outlook on what is/was viewed as ‘proper singing’.

In view of this we have taken training programmes with a variety of field specialists, expanding our knowledge in rehab techniques such as SOVT work, and specialising further through Lucy's pursuit for an MSc in Voice Therapy. All of this means we are able to draw from a wealth of resources within our teaching for ALL musical genres. 


Each person will get their own vocal plan to work towards which will be tailored specifically to their voice, personality, performance style and goals. 


Manchester // Huddersfield

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